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Tiny 19th Century Spruce Gum Snuff Box
  • I have always loved these little boxes. I first thought this one was leather with wood top and bottom, but a helpful reader pointed out that both of the two are spruce gum. The tooling looks like the leather tools I used years ago when I did leather tooling. It is one of those cool little early pieces that look good in a grouping in shelves or on tabletop. The handle is leather and is held by what appear to be square iron brads. There is a pencil inscription on the wood bottom but no amount of computer enhancing helped to make it legible. It is 2 ½” long x 3” tall x 1” deep. It has expected wear, including a few nicks and nibbles along the top edge. We are listing two of these tiny sweeties today—see the last photo showing both. This is a purrfect stocking stuffer!

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