Folk Art

Amazing Owl Carved from Vintage Decoy by Russ Allen
  • This is a very special contemporary folk art carved owl by New Jersey folk art carver, Russ Allen. Mr. Allen is considered one of the Best Decoy and Antique Restorers in the US. His owls are unique and astounding when you consider that he carves them from vintage decoys. This owl is either a Long-Eared or possibly a Great Horned Owl. It is carved from an Old Factory Decoy Body. The owl’s face is carved into the Decoy Body with a great degree of detail. The owl large teddy bear glass eyes, leather side wings, long leather “Ear” tuffs, and a carved black beak, all of which creates a Multidimensional Sculpture. It is then accented with an “antiqued” paint finish. Russ adds a leather tie on the back if you want to hang it and a drills a hole in the bottom for an iron stand. Allen’s initials “RA” are branded into the back. Measurements: 15 ½” tall (including the stand); slightly under 6” wide and approximately 3 ½” deep. Whether you are adding to a collection of bird carvings or a folk art collection, this owl would love to watch over you and your collection.

    #6544    $750