Silhouette of a Lady and her Cat
  • We don’t often find silhouettes with cats but we have one for your holiday shopping! The lady, her chair and foot stool are cut as a single profile and her kitty cat is another cut out. The silhouette has a lot of color although it is not very vivid. The woman’s dress is a burgundy-colored with pale grey and blue embellishments to add design to her long shawl, her lace bonnet, the end of her sleeves and the handwork that occupies her hands. The upholstery of the chair back and top of stool is green and shows a bit more vividly than the burgundy. Her cat rests on the floor beside her chair and the artist gave him a pale grey collar. The design of her dress is hard to see because the bodice and sleeves are covered by her shawl, but considering the style of her chair and stool, I would date her to circa 1845. She resides in a period maple frame with gilt liner. Framed size is 9 1/2" x 11" with a sight size of 5 5/8 x 7 1/8". Good condition with expected toning to the background card. She’s a really good price—I bet you know someone who would like to find her under the tree!

    #6996    Sale Pending