Antique Conversation Silhouette of Children by Royal Victoria Gallery
  • This is a lovely cut & paste conversation silhouette of three siblings attributed to the Royal Victoria Gallery.  The silhouette displays the exceptional gilt embellishment of gold and Chinese white that we expect from the Gallery, which was run by brothers Fredrick and H.A. Frith and their father, John.  In this wonderful piece, the youngest child has a toy wheelbarrow and wears a coat with a cape tied at the neck with a bow.  He wears plain drawers with white socks and buttoned boots.  In the middle stands his sister, wearing a calf-length dress with a V-pointed waist and wide skirt over lace-edged drawers.  She is holding a small bouquet of cut flowers out to her younger brother.   Her elbow length sleeves and neckline are also edged with lace.  Her hair is pulled straight down to just above her ears where her beautiful ringlets start.  The oldest boy is showing the world that he is getting an education by displaying an open book.  He wears a wide-collared shirt with a short jacket and trousers.  The background is sepia watercolor of an outdoor landscape with what appear to be palm trees in the far background.  It resides in a period reeded oak frame with gilt liner and early glass.  The silhouette is in good condition but for expected toning and some old gum marks that are visible along the base with some surface loss where a previous owner attempted to remove the gum just below the girl's feet. There is also a closed tear in the girl's skirt. This must have been torn and repaired by the silhouettist when he placed the silhouette on the background as the damage does not extend to the background card.  This serves as a reminder of the delicacy and skill that goes into cutting these beautiful profiles.  Framed size is 12 ¼” x 14 3/8”.  Circa 1850.  Collectors are always happy to find conversation silhouettes of children with their parents.  A conversation silhouette of just the siblings is always an exciting find.

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    Please see the Silhouettist Bios page for more information about Royal Victoria Gallery & the Frith brothers.