Antique Stunning Silhouette of Lady in Blue
  • I love this lady in blue who was likely painted by George Crowhurst (active 1827-1844).  She is fully painted (not cut) wearing a blue dress with a dropped waist with a gothic bodice ending in a V point.  The sleeves are tight to the elbow where they expand to a bell-shape.  The actual sleeve ended just below the elbow but was worn with engageantes  or half-sleeves that fit under the bell and were tied in position there.  The engageantes  end at the wrist and are trimmed with lace.  Her neckline is topped with frilled lace which is centered by a gold broach that looks much like a chatelaine with small ornamentation hanging from the center by chain.  Undoubtedly, however, it is not chatelaine as the lady would be unable to move any of the accessories far enough away from her neck to use.  Her hairstyle includes a plaited curled into a knot at the back of her head, a center part and long ringlets at each side of her head.  Gold embellishment details her hair.  The colors and wonderful execution make for a very elegant silhouette.  Condition of the silhouette is very good but for overall toning of the card, some light spot in the upper right corner and a lighter top edge where the card must have sat under the original frame rabbet.  The lovely lady resides in a period maple frame with gilt liner that measures 12 ¾” x 10”.  The frame back bears a trade label for “Thos. Beatty / Picture restorer / Carver and Gilder / High Church Street / Warwick”.  Since this is not the original frame, I have no idea whether the frame back was on the silhouette’s original frame or another.  Circa 1840. 

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