Antique Watercolor Folk Portrait of Lucy Tulford or Fulford
  • American school folk watercolor portrait of “Mrs. Lucy Tulford”. The painting includes lots of intricate, well-rendered detail such as the lace edging her bonnet and the pattern of the blue patterned ribbon tying the bonnet below her chin and her ruffed collar. She is painted within painted oval portal. Within the portal, the background is faint blue which carries the color used for her ribbons and to add shadow and light modeling to her face. Above the oval, in a later hand, is the inscription “Grand Mother Williams”. Below the oval, in two different later hands, says “Mrs. Lucy Tulford [?] 1830 / 47 [or 40] years oldPainting found in Skaneateles, N.Y."

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    After further research, in my opinion, this portrait is attributable to Deborah Throop Goldsmith.