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Antique Miniature Dometop Wallpaper Box (aka Bandbox)
  • For you lovers of miniature bandboxes, here is a small rectangular dometop trunk with bright blue, pink, white and green floral design paper. The box is wooden with tacked construction. The box was originally constructed so that the wallpaper on the back & top was a single piece that held as a hinge. As expected for these boxes, that wallpaper eventually gave way and now the box has tape hinges. The paper showing on one side is solid blue but where it turns at bottom edge you can see it is the same paper. The box is 4" long x 2 ¼” deep x 2" tall. As lagniappe, I found a tiny paper of unused needles which will go with the box. The needles are labeled “H. Milward & Sons” and dated 1857. The Milward family started manufacturing needles in 1676. Henry Milward & Sons was created in 1730 and became the largest manufacturer of needles in the world. They continued in business until the 1950s. The box is in good condition but the tape hinges that are a bit loose. American 2nd quarter of 19th century.

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    Reference: Carlisle, Lilian Baker, Hat Boxes and Bandboxes at Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vermont, 1960.