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Antique Carved Wood Wall Pocket with Pinwheels. 18th Century
  • This stunning ornately carved wall pocket is purportedly from a Beacon Hill estate. It certainly looks to be from Pennsylvania with pinwheels and other well-carved designs and notching. It is made of pegged construction with very few later reinforcing nails. All repairs were done long ago as all nails have left good oxidation to the surrounding wood. The patina is fantastic with lots of aged grunge that has mixed in with the crackling of the old varnish. The back has initials “P A” (albeit upside down). The hand planing can really be appreciated from the back as well as the carved notch with an iron rod inserted as a hanger. If you look close at the photos of the inside of the pocket, you can see there are two hairline cracks in the vertical pieces of wood that make up the sides. There is either an old burn or an old gouge in the front vertical side of the pocket—this appears to have been partially filled and darkened so it blends with the rest of the box. I should have taken a photo with a ruler—please realize the pocket is small. The entire piece measures 10” tall x 4 ½” at the widest point. My opinion is that this is American, mid to late 18th century.

    #5819    $775