Antique Make-Do Pincushion atop Blown Ruby Red Wine Glass Base
  • I’ve recently acquired a number of pieces from a long-time a private collection of make do and needlepoint pincushions. It is a fabulous collection that I’m pleased to offer these wonderful pieces. Ms. Hardy enjoyed these pieces for 30 years and you can see that she has an eye for the best!

    Here is a tiny little pincushion, made atop a ruby red blown wine glass. The bottom of the glass has a broken, unpolished pontil and a slightly irregular shape. The pincushion top of the small wonder is worn mohair and is edged with a tightly strung fringe of grey glass beads. This tiny beauty is only 3” tall x 2” diameter of the base. It is a great little baby make do to add to your collection!

    #5788    Sold

    Provenance: Collection of Roxanne Hardy

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