Early Lighting

Antique Paint Decorated Tin Candle Sconce Pair
  • Offered is a wonderful pair of antique wall candle sconces in early paint decoration. As far as I can tell, this is the only paint that these sconces have ever had. The sconces are tin with straight, oblong shaped backs, painted green with gold grapes and leaves. As you can see in the photos, the arms of the candle cups are not quite the same. One tin-strap arm is attached to the back at a bit of a higher level and swoops down to just below the candle cup. The other is attached a bit lower and it swoops down to somewhat below the cup. Since you won’t be hanging them as close together as I did for the photos, it’s unlikely that anyone but you will notice the difference. Even if they do notice, I think the slight difference just adds to the folk art appeal. The paint is wonderfully dry and has great craquelere. The edges of the sconces are decorated with a stripe of gold and some short painted lines that run perpendicular to the stripe, giving the sconces the feel of crimped edges. The candle cups also have a bold stripe of gold around the rims. The only colors used are green and gold so where the gold has wear (and it does have beautiful age-affirming wear) you see a darker green below. 14” x 5 ¼” at the widest. Circa mid-19th century.

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