Folk Art

Antique Folk Art Painting on Silk of Heart in Hand
  • The Heart in Hand is a well-recognized symbol of Freemasons and Odd Fellows that represents charity, given from the heart. The symbol used as an art form has been coveted by collectors of folk art outside of those who collect fraternal objects. The Heart in Hand brings joy to the minds of so many viewers of art and is thought by many to be an expression of love from the maker to the recipient of the object. We see it time and again in objects made by women, such as the Penwipes that I have also have listed.

    This Heart in Hand was found framed with other Freemason’s or Odd Fellows’ symbolic paintings (including the All Seeing Eye that I’m listing today). It is in wonderful condition but for a couple of horizontal running through the knuckles and the tips of the fingers. The silk, however, does not appear to be thinning in the creases (or anywhere for that matter). There are a few scattered small brown stains. This vibrant watercolor on silk painting is housed in a period gilt frame that measures 5 ¼” x 6 ¼”. Circa 1875.

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