Folk Art

Antique Folk Art Watercolor of Sisters Battling Over Suiter In Game of Badminton
  • A charming naïve watercolor painting of two sisters playing badminton—only the shuttlecock is a man! The siblings wear nearly identical blue & gold dresses while they battle over their suitor. The inscription at the bottom reveals the story: “The longest game at battledore – Kept up between two sisters for nearly three years.” One must wonder whether the gentleman kept the ladies strung along as he feigned attention to both for 3 years, or whether the sisters strung the poor young man along! The painting on card is in very good condition and housed in a period black painted frame that is perfect for the fun and joy of the folk art piece. Framed size is 13 ¼” x 9 ¼”. Circa 1850.

    #5771    $1350