Folk Art

Antique Schoolgirl Genre Folk Art Watercolor, Circa 1830
  • Beautifully executed school girl genre watercolor painting on paper.  This lovely painting shows a tranquil scene of a river running next to a steepled church at the top of a hill.  The paint method used for the tree foliage is of the same genre used by such 19th century folk artists as Rufus Porter.  The blues and greens add to the tranquility of the setting.  Circa 1830, likely New England. In period 16” x 12” frame (about 30 years later than the painting).  Condition looks very nice as framed.  However, the back shows that the paper has overall browning and some acid stains (from touching the wood).  I have included photos of the unframed piece, front and back.  Still a wonderful early piece of American folk art.

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