Antique Painted Silhouette of Woman with Rosy Cheeks
  • I recently bought several silhouette busts from a long-time Southern collection. The collection included some surprises as I took them out of frames for cleaning. These silhouettes are a great opportunity to add to your collection or buy as holiday gifts at good prices.

    This is an interesting and eye-catching fully painted silhouette of a lady with a bonnet. She fills the paper and appears larger than she is because of that aspect. This woman is beautifully highlighted with gilt and gum arabic embellishment. The gilt paint even highlights her cheeks so you can see that they must have been rosy indeed. She wears a bonnet with lace in the front and a lacy ribbon to tie under her chin. The bonnet extends to the back of her head because it is covering her hair knot. She has the ruffed collar that was so popular in the 1820s. She resides in a canted profile period rosewood frame with a gilt liner. The framed size is 5 ½” x 6 1/8”. Circa 1820.

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