Antique Painted Silhouette of a Dapper Gentleman at a Great Price
  • I recently bought several silhouette busts from a long-time Southern collection. The collection included some surprises as I took them out of frames for cleaning. These silhouettes are a great opportunity to add to your collection or buy as holiday gifts at good prices.

    Here’s a dapper fully painted (not cut) gentleman. His jacket is highlighted with gum arabic and he has a penciled stock tie. The man is in a frame within a frame that I have not taken apart. The outer frame is ebonized flat profile wood that measures 6 7/8” x 7 ¼”. From the back, the inner frame appears to be a frame much the size of papier maché frames of the period but there is no opening in the back to place a profile. There are, however, 2 original hanging loops for that frame. Looking from the front of the frame, the gent is in a sanded gold mat cut around what may be the original metal oval of a papier maché frame that has been sanded and colored to match the outside mat. There is a dark moisture stain in upper right corner of outside mat. The silhouette card has been cut in oval of which you can just see some edges inside oval portal. He has tiny assorted staining. Circa 1820. Great price for gifting!

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