Antique American Hollow Cut Silhouette of Woman
  • American hollow cut silhouette of a woman with a lovely bust termination line with a rounded back and a sharp pointed middle dip and front termination. The silhouettist gave the pretty lady a well-cut ruffed neck a high haircomb holding a small knot at the crown of her head and a barrette or clip just above her forehead. Her profile is well executed with a tiny cut eyelash. She has wonderful light frilly pencil highlights for hair curls at the top of her head and at the nape of her neck. The pretty young woman is cut from what appears to be a transition paper between laid and wove… can see the “chain links” of laid paper but it is thicker like wove paper. The silhouette is in excellent condition with an entry slash left by the artist starting the silhouette at the front of the bust line. She is housed in a period gilt frame behind a period églomisé glass mat that shows some wear in the form of paint shrinkage and possibly bubbling….especially in the upper left corner. The paint is stable and has been sealed. The fabric backing shows a faint ghost from the light passing through the cutting. Circa 1820. An excellent price….maybe a nice stocking stuffer…..

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