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I am so crazy about Americana that this section may never quit growing!  Antique wallpaper items and paint decoration are  fascinating areas to me and I collect and sell as much of both categories as I can get our hands on.  You never know what you might find in Not Miscellaneous!  I have some really great early Delft chargers right now.  Early lighting will include everything from the most primitive lighting devices to elegant 18th century brass candlesticks.  Textiles may include embroidery work, coverlets, 19th century quilts, pockets, reticules, and who knows what else.  There is always a large selection of antique pewter.  Pewter candlesticks will be found under Pewter, not Early Lighting...just because I have such a large selection of antique pewter.  Remember that this website is always a work-in-progress and I am adding items as fast as I can!  Please check back often to see the new additions.