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Antiques at Hillwood Farms
Baker American Antiques

Melissa Bourque Antiques

Blue Dog Antiques

J. Compton Gallery

Decor Antiques, Painting & Frame Restoration

Scott W. Fithian Antiques

Hanes & Ruskin Antiques

Sheridan Loyd American Antiques

Halsey Munson Americana
One Good Eye Antiques

Linda Rosen Antiques, American Country

Furniture, Folk Art & Accessories

Faith Viland's Antiques


Art & Antiques, Inc, Woody & Nancy Straub

Betty Bell Antiques

Maxine Craft 18th & 19th C.

American Country Antiques

Dan Freeburg Antiques

Granthum 1763 Antiques

Hanauer and Seidman Antiques

Holden Antiques

Latcham House Antiques

MacKay and Field Antiques

Don Olson Antiques

Dennis Raleigh Antiques & Folk Art

Ryder Antiques, Swedish Country Antiques

Mary Webster Antique Picture Frames




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Kenney, Al, "Micro-Targeted Marketing, The Art of Marketing", Maine Antique Digest, April 2014, 11-B (pdf attached by permission of Maine Antique Digest).

Bennington Museum exhibit "More Like You Than Not", February 2 - May 7, 2013, Artwork from the last 200 years created by artists with disabilities.

A great article about the Bennington Museum concurrent exhibits "More Like You Than Not" and "Engaged". Lawrence, Evan, "Accessible expression. Pair of exhibits features artists with disabilities", Hill Country Observer.

Audio tape of Vermont Public Radio with Jamie Franklin about "More Like You Than Not" and "Engaged" exhibitions at the Bennington Museum.

Viator, Jane, "Picture Perfect", Antiques Roadshow Insider, April 2011 (pdf attached by permission of Antiques Roadshow Insider).  Great article about theorem painting.

Rutherford, Emma, "Profiles of a New World -- the Portrait Silhouette in North America", America in Britain, Volume XLVIII, 2010 (pdf attached by permission of The American Museum in Bath).

Viator, Jane, "Shadows From The Past", Antiques Roadshow Insider, November 2010 (pdf attached by permission of Antiques Roadshow Insider).


"Through The Looking Glass", Portland Monthly, November 2010.

McClard, Peggy, "Antique Tokens of Love & Friendship",, September 2009.

LeFever, Gregory, "Side by Side, Faces in Black and White", Early American Life Magazine, June 2009.

McClard, Peggy, "Antique Silhouettes",, March 2009.

Cloutier, Anne Marie, "Something About Silhouettes", Country Living Magazine, January 2009 (online article at  This article features old and new silhouettes.  Please see frame 5 of the online article for part of my collection and inventory.


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"Top 10 Collectibles for 2008", Country Home Magazine", July/August 2008 (online article at


"Let's Go Antiquing - What To Collect Now: Watercolor Folk Portraits",, February 2008.


Maine Antique Digest


Antiques & Fine Art Magazine


Antiques Roadshow Insider


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For Antiques Directories try:

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Dig Antiques

Interesting blogs on subjects near and dear to my heart:

Art of Mourning: A Resource for Memorial, Sentimental Jewellry and Art

Diary of a Mantua Maker


Picking for Pleasure


Portrait Miniatures-Mary's Way

I especially like the following articles:

Austin, LaGina, "Collecting Make-Dos: The Search for Creatively Repaired Antiques", Dec. 20, 2010.


Step Back in Time: Experience a 19th Century Parlor and Hearth, An Interview with Tom Kelleher, Curator at Old Sturbridge Village, Part I, Sept. 11, 2011.

A great club for collectors of pewter:

Pewter Collectors Club of America

A very interesting and informative website about all things Colonial:

Colonial Sense

This link leads to a website showcasing an exceptional collection of antique sentimental jewelry.  Unbelievably wonderful things.  Worth a look!

Georgian, Victorian, other

The following link is a wonderful demonstration of how to take a profile with a physiognotrace.  Mark Osterman is process historian for the George Eastman House he teaches a number of workshops through the museum.  This is really a great video demo--check it out!

Tracing the Shadow:  Making a Silhouette using a Physiognotrace

People often ask for referrals to contemporary silhouette artists.  Cindi Harwood Rose cut a silhouette of my son 25 years ago and does beautiful work.  Her website may be found at the link below:

Silhouettes by Cindi

You can watch Cindi cutting a silhouette at

YouTube: Cindi Rose


Above is Cindi Rose, on the right, with her daughter, Erica, and Dr. Phil.  Cindi is wearing a silhouette pendant that she bought from me....which she wore on the Dr. Phil Show.  Next is the silhouette that Cindi cut of Dr. Phil.  How cool is that?!



American Folk Art Museum


Bennington Museum


Colonial Williamsburg (including the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum)


Fenimore Art Museum

I especially like the blog written by Fenimore's President, Paul D'Ambrosia

American Folk Art @ Cooperstown

Fred J. Johnston Museum ("A Small Winterthur on the Hudson")


Rufus Porter Museum


Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library